Spring is in Full Swing!

The snows are melting and the rivers are flowing, the skies are bright and the grass is growing!

That’s a sure sign that things are happening and that Spring has arrived in Garden Valley Idaho!

gvmotel1After the long cold Winter we sure are looking forward to getting out to enjoy some sunshine and warmer weather here in our beautiful valley. For those of you not familiar with this area we are truly fortunate to enjoy some of Idaho’s most beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities!

Located between Banks and Lowman the main portion of Garden Valley offers great sport year round, but the Spring Summer and Fall are the times when things are at their prime. The long pleasant days make for great times with friends and family!

There are plenty of places to stay in Garden Valley including cabin rentals as well as numerous camping spots. You can enjoy rafting the river, soaking in hot springs, and exploring historic mountain trails all in one day. Don’t delay! Check out our local area resources for more information about how you can make this year one for adventure in the heart of Idaho!