Planned Improvements

Planned District Improvements

  • Greenway/Greenbelt along the Middle Fork of the Payette River
  • Plan, identify and develop mid-level skill master trail system to improve community connectivity and tie in to developed trail systems on public lands, including motorized, non-motorized, walking, equestrian, cross country, and snowmobile trails.
  • Secure conservation and recreation access easements through County planning and zoning for new developments/sub-divisions
  • Conduct updated needs assessment survey (last survey conducted 2013)
  • Continue coordination with County for noxious weed spraying on Weilmunster Trail and Park.
  • Procurement of area bordering east side of the Middle Fork River and north of existing park for protection/conservation purposes
  • Habitat Improvement in Weilmunster Park – a small waterway connects the Middle Fork of the Payette River, a large pond, wetland area, and the natural run-off water, to enhance fishery habitat and provide opportunities of local fishermen and women of all ages
  • Natural area improvements to park – procure and plant additional trees and shrubs for habitat improvement.

Planned Park Improvements

  • Secure funds for maintenance of existing facilities
  • Design and develop park entry with a central sculpture, plantings, benches lighting, memorial plaques of historical nature
  • Irrigation Pump House for Weilmunster Park
  • Swim dock off Weilmunster Park Beach in Middle Fork of the Payette River
  • Grills procured and installed for use of dispersed recreation throughout the Park
  • Restroom Facilities installed at identified locations along trail system/water ways
  • Pave Weilmunster Park Trail

To volunteer your time or make donations to help make these park improvements a reality, please contact the recreation district at:

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