Future Grant Project: Garden Valley Trail

by Steven Menlove

PRESS RELEASE – Garden Valley,Idaho

The Garden Valley Recreation District was established in the year 2000 to provide expanded recreation opportunities for residents and visitors to the Garden Valley area. Weilmunster Park and the Garden Valley Trail are signature recreation sites that have been developed by the Recreation District and continue to be improved. Maybe you have enjoyed shooting a few hoops on the new basketball court or are looking forward to the shade and beauty of the newly planted trees in the Park. The recently added Veterans Memorial is a moving reminder of these local women and men that have so valiantly served our country.

Constructed over 10 years ago, the Garden Valley Trail is a great resource for our community. If you have not taken advantage of this trail, it begins in Weilmunster Park, runs along the Middle Fork of the Payette, goes up the hill past the Library, traverses over to the post office and then runs east along the north side of the Banks-Lowman Highway terminating across from the school at Granite Basin Road. This is a great location to get some exercise while enjoying the beauty of the river, observing abundant wildlife and having great views of Charter Mountain. The trail is approximately 2.3 miles in length and is for walkers, joggers, bikers, and horse riders. No motorized vehicles are allowed.

Over that past year the Recreation District Board has received numerous public comments about the condition of the Garden Valley Trail. It was originally constructed with a gravel surface. Even with occasional maintenance, the trail has degraded in many areas. In some locations the gravel has shifted to where the gravel is deep and difficult to bicycle or push a stroller through, and in other areas the gravel is gone and the trail goes from muddy to dusty overnight. Because of the poor condition of the trail surface you may have seen bicyclists pedaling on the busy Banks-Lowman Highway and not on the trail just a few yards away.

Additionally, the Garden Valley Recreation District, in conjunction with Boise County, is moving forward on a grant proposal to move one section of the trail and potentially install some type of barrier along Banks-Lowman Road. These two projects will be outlined in an upcoming Informal Community Meeting at Crouch Community Hall on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 6 PM
Hosted by your Garden Valley Recreation District Board. For the Garden Valley Recreation District to proceed with trail improvement, the District would have to receive a significant portion of the funds through grant opportunities. One of the critical considerations used to select recipients of grant funding is local Public Support. If you cannot attend this meeting, your Recreation District Board would like to know your thoughts: Would you be in favor of upgrading the Garden Valley Trail? Would your organization be interested in writing a letter of support? Garden Valley Recreation Board would like to hear from you. Please contact the Recreation District Board via email: “info@gvrecdistrict.org” or send your thoughts to PO Box 433, Garden Valley, ID 83622.

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